Team Building and Team Development in East Sussex

With a background in local government management, managing staff and teams for over 6 years, I use my wealth of management experience within a large organisation to help me coach other managers to build strong teams across East Sussex. 

Team Development and Staff Coaching

Developing pepole and teams

I have been trained by the Association of Executive Coaches in Systemic Team Coaching which assesses how well a staff team is working together and the system or process issues which are preventing them from functioning at their peak. The staff team is then coached to become open to change and empowered to make the changes necessary to function at a higher level. 

I can offer group sessions across East Sussex and individual coaching in Eastbourne in order to improve team functioning. 

Team building and team development sessions can be used to progress a strategic aim or focus area; such as to set strategic direction, improve an area identified though staff survey or inspection report, or increase team cohesion. I can work with the whole staff group, the leadership team, and can also run bespoke sessions for key stakeholders. 

Individual staff coaching sessions are an hour long and involve a mixture of motivational interviewing and positive psychology to encourage reflection and development. Coaching is outcome focussed and gives a safe space for individuals to identify an issue which is affecting them and then with the help of their coach to explore and identify steps they can take to improve the situation. I provide support, encouragement and accountability to my clients, building their capacity to handle similar issues independently in the future.

This can be enormously successful with staff teams as coaching is extremely empowering. Benefits to the organisation I have achieved elsewhere include;

• Higher performance levels

• Higher satisfaction

• Reduced conflict

• Lower absence levels

• Increased staff retention

Offering coaching to your staff is a visible commitment to your staff wellbeing and really makes your staff team feel valued and supported.


Industry leading support

SIRC model of team development

Through my own research during my MBA I devised a model to gain the best possible team working, and this model informs my coaching sessions. By analysing the degree to which each element is met within your team, we can identify the areas which will yield the greatest improvements. 

Teams I have worked with: staff teams, boards of governors, strategic boards, executive boards, schools staff, new staff teams, carers. I offer team sessions across East Sussex and can offer face to face sessions though Skype or from my premises in Eastbourne East Sussex.

Coming together is a beginning,

Staying together is progress,

Working together is success

Henry Ford

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