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I want you to live a life you love!

I am a qualified life coach who has been working with families, individuals and businesses in East Sussex for over 5 years.  

After achieving a BA in Applied Psychology I studied for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and went into teaching. I loved helping students who had a challenging background or were experiencing difficulties.  I have worked in organisations supporting family carers and young carers and I have significant management experience in local government.

I love coaching because it is forward looking and outcome focussed. I love seeing my clients grow in confidence and achieve their goals. I have particular expertise in helping young people experiencing bullying and peer group issues and have worked with young carers. 

The adults I have coached have achieved a diverse array of goals, from leaving salaried employment to start their own business,  weight loss and body image issues, building better relationships and recovering from divorce.

I believe in life long learning; through my own research during my MBA I devised a model to gain the best possible team working, and this model informs my team development coaching sessions. By analysing the degree to which each element is met within your team, we can identify the areas which will yield the greatest improvements. 

With a background in local government management, managing staff and teams for over 6 years, I use my wealth of management experience within a large organisation to help me coach other managers to build strong teams across East Sussex. 

I have been trained by the Association of Executive Coaches in Systemic Team Coaching which assesses how well a staff team is working together and the system or process issues which are preventing them from functioning at their peak. The staff team is then coached to become open to change and empowered to make the changes necessary to function at a higher level. 

my story

It really works!

I don't just coach my clients- I also coach myself. 

I lost over 4 stone by changing the way I think about food. 

If it worked for ME it WILL work for YOU!

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